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Palika Rewilding  Founder of Wild Mythos Drums

 During the misty rains in March of 2016, Muse and Mystery burst into my heart and mind on a wander in the Live Oak woodland of the Twin Lakes in Santa Cruz, evoking me urgently to seek a Drum of Power for an upcoming Trance Dance ceremony I was to serve in, to empower the next generation of cultural artisans of earth wise leadership on a Soulcraft Intensive with the Animas Valley Institute.

Listening closely, the message revealed that a powerful mythopoetic gateway image would be communicated to me, which I was to paint on the newly found drum. Through this mysterious conversation I understood, that this wild image was a portal for transforming consciousness as a deeper expression of the particular voice and medicine of the drum, in partnership with its "keeper". This image as it 

hums and sings, is a soulful clarion call to the keeper of the drum, and all the humans who see, or hear and recieve its shape shifting medicine; inviting all to step boldly toward their evolutionary edges of ecological and psychological maturity, and imaginal wisdom leadership to become fully human. 


After saying yes to the initial call and continuing to surrender and open to what is wanting to come through me, I further understood that these painted drum images, are invitations to the numinous realm, where the voice, imagination and manifestation of the powerful Dream of Earth - as it might be dreaming now in this huge Turning Time, could be felt and understood. The combination of the aural and imaginal powers of the Wild Mythos Painted Drums are an ecospiritual summons from the heart and soul of Gaia. All those whom the painted, singing, breathing drum touches, are urged to boldly encounter whatever Mystery has placed on the path before them - whether as dragon, angel, shadow, monster, lover, inspiration, death, or seemingly unsurmountable task -  as a catalyzing ally to Soul; as guidance to discover who we are, and what our rightful place on Earth and within the Cosmos is.


Encountering and being affected by a living painted Living Drum of Power is but one of many ways of meeting with our destiny and tuning into a summons from Mystery. The encounter may unfold and illuminate for each of us, an insight into our unique niche in the web of life and the one note or one golden thread that is revelatory of our true nature and our personal genius, meant as a gift to the precious web of life on this Blue Green Pearl Dancing Thru The Indigo Star Studded Cosmos.


Thus has Wild Mythos Drums birthed - to serve poignant and longed for human maturation and ecovisionary leadership in these Great Turning Times. I am smitten and grateful that these beautiful instruments of power have woven themselves into my core purpose of supporting the most significant of all human journeys - that of discovering "the truth at the center of the image we were born with" (D.Whyte) and gifting creation with that truth. Thank you.



I am delighted to offer two kinds of Wild Mythos Painted Drums and numerous ways a Wild Mythos Painted Medicine Drum may choose to be in relationship particularly - with you. I am conversing with and painting on two kinds of frame drums - shamanic frame drums which are played with a soft headed mallet - these are also often called Native American Drums, Hoop Drums or Shamanic Drums. I will refer to them mostly as "Medicine Drums" on this site. The second type are Frame Drums meant to be played in the hand style like those from the Near East and Middle East - these include Tars and Bendirs, Dafs and Doumbeks. I am not painting on the Irish Bodhran at this time.


I am painting on drums made with both skin heads and synthetic heads. They each have their special gifts and tones and flavors and personalities. The synthetic heads offer consistent sound and tone despite being indoors or outdoors, or when exposed to cold or warm weather. The skin heads vary diversely in tone or feel and feature elk, goat, and deer skin - they often feel very "alive" and of course have the additional medicine of the precious animal whose skin is the "song" of the drum. I very much appreciate the deep reciprocal conversation between skins, drum makers, wood and Mystery, so drums made by hand in a sacred and holy way are particularly alluring to me.

The majority of the hand style Frame Drums I am painting will be handmade from skin and wood, and a few synthetic heads from Turkey, N.Africa, Egypt, India, Pakistan. Skins from those countries will be goat primarily. I will also have synthetic head drums from Remo featuring their Fiberskyn heads, and synthetic and skin drums from Meinl, because both of these brands have a consistent quality and tone.

I haven't found the right sources for me yet, for handmade shamanic skin drums - but I trust the right connection will come, skins are rawhide, elk, deer. The one synthetic head shamanic style drum I'm painting is Remo's "Buffalo Drum" - again I like the consistent pre tuned voice, especially for medicine and soul journeying facilitated outside. Dobhani's shamanic drums from India might appear occasionally.

I will always tell the story honestly about the origin and materials of all Wild Mythos Painted Drums as they come to rest here in the nest of my home and this site until their divine right new partner comes forth.



As I continue to converse with Mystery and Soul and paint the wild and mysterious images that are longing to come through on various Sacred Drums of  Power that discover me, or I them – they will be interwoven here in the Wild Mythos Drum Gallery and you will be able to purchase them securely through the ETSY website. All purchases will be preceded by the signing of an Artists Copyright Protection and Use Agreement.


There are two uniques pathways to a custom for you intuitively painted Wild Mythos Drum of Power. Wild Mythos Quest Visionary Drum Journey and Inspired By You Painted Drum. What Wild Mythos Drum Journey is beating in your heart?

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