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Wild Mythos Drum Journey

Sacred Partnership With A Drum of Power

A Three Phase Moon Journey - Birth, Apprentice, Give Away

Phase One: New Moon - Elk & Cedar, Birthing With A Sacred Drum.

April 2022 California. 

Phase Two: Waxing Crescent - Apprentice To Visionary Partnership With A Drum of Power.

July 2022 California. 

Phase Three: Full Moon - Feeding The Soul of the World With Your Sacred Drum.

Sept 2022 California

Tumultuous times on planet Earth compel us to cross psycho spiritual thresholds of our development. Beyond our middle world life of self improvement for a better job, more money, more status, and more convenience, this Great Turning Time demands a turn towards eco spiritual literacies that are an evolutionary maturity for our species and call us to serve the Earth instead of destroying it. Developing our deep nature connection, and our capacity to listen to, cooperate with, and serve the Circle of LIfe; we can step up to apprentice to a way and shape of being human that is in harmony with the dreaming of our planet. We discover this way through committing to our relationship with Earth and Mystery as the primary relationship of our living. It means our reason for living is stalking a Soul Led Life, with a practice of gifting the next 7 generations to come, honoring the incredible miracle that is the evolution of the Cosmos and Earth and participating towards a life enhancing human habitation pattern. We are called now individually and collectively to rewild our bodies, hearts and psyches, heal and integrate wounded childhood survival strategies, strengthen wild and innate wholeness; and participate with the biggest conversation that matters; a reciprocity with the sentient, brilliant and dreaming World. For some of you, committing to and developing a visionary purposeful partnership with a Sacred Drum of Power is one way you in particular are meant to do this. You are called to make love with the World in an Underworld language of rhythm, dream, image, song, and trance; birth and death that a partnership with a Sacred Drum can elicit.

Speaking to and with Mystery, the Cosmos, and Soul in partnership with a drum of power is as ancient as human consciousness and crosses cultures and landscapes over the long songline of the story of Earth. Perhaps our verbal language is unable to access the deep subconscious and realms of imagery, myth, poetics, and meaning making, in the same way as the voice of our sacred drums. The original heartbeat of the creation resonates as us and through us when we pray, grieve, praise, court, celebrate, vision and journey through the drum portal. In order to shapeshift the current individual and collective myth and story of humanity, we need to disengage from our vocational, social and cultural identity, and enter the realm of the liminal, where everything in the circle of life communicates through vibration, sound, energy and imagery. The perspectives, stories, rationales, and patterns originating from mechanistic, dichotomous thinking and disconnection from our wild entanglement with the More Than Human World, has allowed the industrial growth society, the myth of progress, patriarchy, consumer conformism, human supremacy and extreme disconnection and separation from embodied dependent participation in the circle of life. The same stories, beliefs and lenses, cannot help evolve us from our current dilemmas of war, violence, destruction of every fundamental planetary life system and meaningless living. Only engaging in and strengthening our insight through other ways of knowing, specifically sensual, somatic and imaginal might we image our way in to a deeply respectful eco and soul centric partnership and co-dreaming with Earth. Rediscovering the language and consciousness shifting powers of a soulful visionary partnership with a drum of power for the purpose of deep listening, visioning, praying, praising, grieving, and romancing as an offering to the world - may bring us alive and awake to how the Earth might be dreaming to evolve and emerge into a story and beauty never before manifest.

Wild Mythos Drums is delighted to offer a three phase, moon marked journey in 2022-2023 to bring the soul and heart of you and a Sacred Drum of Power into visionary and purposeful relationship! This triad of nature immersed experiential offerings will deepen your understanding and skill of what it means to be in an intentional, psycho spiritually activated, and committed relationship with a Drum of Power, for the purpose of bringing evolutionary, and visionary transformation and maturation in these particular times on Earth in the shape and way that is specifically yours. This 3 part program is designed for Wild Lovers of Earth, Healers of all Modes, Therapists and Coaches, Guides, Teachers, Ministers, Transformational Leaders, Ceremony Keepers, Artisans and Bards, Storytellers, Yoga Teachers, Meditation Teachers, Parents, Community Facilitators, Council Holders, Lovers of Earth and Life, and anyone serious about a sacred marriage with a living, breathing, Drum. 

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