Wild Mythos Drums Programs

Embark on a soulful ecovisionary journey of your authentic belonging and purpose with the powerful Beings that are painted and sacred living drums. Our professionally trained Guides lead solo and group explorations into the inner and outer wild lands and are distinctly trained and committed to deep nature connection, and the psycho spiritual maturation process that is the initiatory journey of Soul. Time is precious. Are you ready to step into your earthwise destiny, and participate in this evolutionary time on Earth with a wide open heart in a mythically and wildy alive partnership with Mystery and a Drum of Power? A Wild Mythos Drum Journey may be beckoning. 

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Daylong Solo Quest Visionary Drum Journey

Scheduled Privately Year Round

Your Local Wilds - Embark on a searingly honest journey between you, your drum and your pscyho spiritual journey and leadership in these urgent times and deepen your partnership with a Sacred Drum of Power. By committing to a deep daylong solo Vision Fast through your soul query on the land and inner landscape, we will court the powerful mythopoetic imagery your shamanic drum longs to express as custom and intuitively painted for you by Palika on your drum!


Palika Rewilding  - Creatrix Wild Mythos Drum, Soulcentric  Guide To Becoming Fully Human


Elk & Cedar - Birthing Your Drum of Power

April 2019 California

This offering is Part 1 of a 3 Part Program: Courting a Visionary Purposeful Partnership With A Sacred Drum of Power. Deep down in your bones, is there a desire in you to enter a partnership with a sacred drum of power beginning with birthing that Drum Being into the world? Is there something about rhythm, skin and wood and breath and wild, voice, vision, and prayer that is resonating in you?  Does the ancient relationship between humans and drums draw you into a deeper belonging to the Circle of LIfe, and to your vision and place in gifting the Greater Good? In a sacred circle held by Soul and Nature, and inspired by your own journey of becoming who and what you are as Sacred Drum Keeper - we will make a traditional skin and wood frame drum, sourced by our animal and tree kin here on the west Pacific coast. 3 Day Nature Immersion.


Palika Rewilding - Creatrix Wild Mythos Drums, Ecocentric Guide to Soul for Becoming Fully Human 

Chris Morasky - Naturalist, Ancestral Skills Guide, Founder Elements Gathering

Donation $299

$75 Materials Fee

Courting Visionary Sacred Partnership With A Drum of Power

June 2019 Camping California

This offering is Part 2 of a 3 Part Program, Courting Visionary Purposeful Partnership With A Sacred Drum of Power. You want to feed your transformational partnership with a drum of power and want to commit to and deepen this sacred marriage. You are one who knows that this partnership with your Sacred Drum is central to your soul's work in the world. We will surrender to the ultimate guide that is the Wild and Mystery in a 5 day intensive to court our psycho active relationship with our Vision Drum, learning and apprenticing to the ancient ways of communion with the rhythms of the Web of Life, and the healing power that is held and wielded between our own Soul and the Soul of our Drum. Through conversations with the Other Than Humans, listening for the rhythms of the web, drum journeys, council, dreamwork, self designed ceremony, deep listening, deep imagery, sacred wound work, grief and gratitude and song, you will establish a compelling ground of practice for a lifelong animate and sentient reciprocal partnership with your drum. This deep pscyho spiritual immersion is for healers, yoga teachers, therapists and coaches, parents, spiritual leaders, sound healers, teachers, and cultural evolutionaries who know their path is to work intimately with a Visionary Drum of Power for serving the Greater Good in this Great Turning Times.


Palika Rewilding - Creatrix Wild Mythos Drums, Nature Based Guide To Soul and Becoming Fully Human

John Lynch

Donation $525

Feeding The Soul Of The World With Your Drum

Sept 2019 California

Part 3 in our 3 phase Moon journey of Courting Visionary Partnership With A Drum of Power. In order to feed the soul of the world, romance the incredible Blue Green Pearl and nourish The One Whom We Cannot Live Without, we will gather together with powerful purpose in the deep of the harvest time to offer solo and collective prayers, songs, and ceremonies of awe, gratitude, grief, praise, romance and longing, to the soul, heart and body of our Earth. 5 waxing to full moon days and nights, of our own soulful fully bodied and wide tender heart outpourings of love-  dedicated to serving, nourishing, seeing, and loving our extraordinary miraculous Mother and helping the Earth dream its dream. Its not all about us, imagine the Earth is longing for this and join us for this incredible offering.


Palika Rewilding - Creatrix Wild Mythos Drums, Nature Based Guide To Soul and Becoming Fully Human

Suggested Donation $565-$650

Stalking Soul Thru The Medicine Drum Portal

October 2019 CA

 In a 5 day residential Nature Immersion over the All Hallows crossing into the dark time of year we will make an offering of ourselves and court an encounter with our Soul through the powerful path of Soulcraft as named by Bill Plotkin. Stoking our longing for visionary participation with the Sentient Earth and Cosmos in these changing times, and willing to die to our old way of being that no longer serves, we will turn toward the inner and outer Wild to ask, "Who am I, what am I for, where is my place in the ecological web of life?" Saturating ourselves in the Psyche of Nature and diving into the depths of Soulcraft © practices, singing and praying with our drums, deep listening to dreams and deep imagery, getting lost on the land and conversing with the Other Than Humans, council and mirroring practices, befriending the dark, we will get close to the big questions and scary edges that keep you up at night. Through this journey you might catch a glimpse or hear a whisper of who you are and what you are here for, as David Whyte suggests, discover "the truth at the center of the image you were born with". Suggested reading Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin.


Palika Rewilding - Creatrix Wild Mythos Drums, Eco/Soulcentric Guide for Becoming Fully Human 

Donation $695 

Wild Women Drumming and Dreaming the Future

12/28-1/1 New Years Crossing 2018/2019

Descending into the mysterious dark of winter and liminal edge between solar cycles, we will use Deep Imagery, Visionary Drum Journeying, Soulcentric Dreamwork, Creative Process, Somatics, Council, and Wild Wanders on the land to nurture, nourish, imagine and seed a deeper freer more authentic conversation with our Soul, the stunning Earth and our precious place in the Web of Life. Together we will imagine a future where our people choose a life enhancing habitation pattern that honors the miracle that is The Dream of the EArth. 5 Day residential Nature Immersion in Northern California.


Palika Rewilding - Creatrix Wild Mythos Drums, Eco/Soulcentric Guide for Becoming Fully Human 

Donation $695

Soul Painting Your Own Wild Mythos Drum

February 2019 Brigid

Do you feel a calling to channel and paint a mythopoetic image as a prayer and ceremony, on the body of your Sacred Drum of Power? Channel your and the drum's unique mythopoetic gateway image to express more deeply the voice of your medicine drum and your partnership with it, to evoke healing, shifts in consciousness and elicit your eco spiritual leadership more effectively in all who are touched by your combined medicine. Through deep conversations and listening with and to the land, visionary drum journeys, deep imagery, dreamwork, council and wild wanders, befriending the dark and more, we will court Soul and Mystery to plumb the depths of our inner and outer wildlands and psyches to receive and paint the Wild Mythos image that wants to manifest on your drum. Held in a deep ceremonial container over a 6 day residential nature immersion in Northern CA.


Palika Rewilding - Creatrix Wild Mythos Drums, Eco/Soulcentric Guide for Becoming Fully Human 

Donation $795

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