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Wild Mythos Drums Offerings

Embark on a soulful ecovisionary journey of authentic belonging and purpose with your painted and sacred living drum. Our professionally trained Guides lead solo and group explorations into the inner and outer wildlands of Psyche, Mystery and Earth, and are distinctly trained and committed to deep nature connection, and the psycho spiritual maturation process that is the initiatory journey of Soul. Time is precious. Are you ready to embody the unique creature you are, and participate in this evolutionary time on Earth with a wide open heart in a mythically and wildly alive partnership with Mystery and a Drum of Power? A Wild Mythos Drum Journey may be beckoning. 

Program Registration and Policies Here.

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SoloWander,Visionary Fast & Drum Journey

Scheduled Year Round In Your Local Wilds

Enter a searingly honest conversation between yourself, your drum, Mystery and Earth in these Great Turning Times of unknown changing realities personally and collectively. Court possibility for a visionary earth and soul centric future and a deeper understanding of your place and the meaning of your life by embarking on a  24 hour solo wander and fast in your local wilds. Seek inspiration and vision, by choosing to listen deeply, slow down, and unplug from devices, consumerism and concretized beliefs and behaviours. The solo wander and fast returns us to source and the relationship that really matters - Earth and Soul, so One can hear Mystery and Gaia's voice, and remember ourself to the holy entanglement with LIfe in service to the Greater Good.

Guide - Palika Rewilding
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