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Custom Painted Drums

Custom hand painted WILD MYTHOS drums by visionary artist Palika, are possible through

two paths.

Wild Mythos Daylong Quest Visionary Drum Journey

This offering is a personalized, mentored, solo, daylong Vision Fast in Nature to facilitate a deepening conversation with your

Medicine Drum, Mystery, Soul and Nature - to divine a personally relevant mythopoetic gateway image that I as Threshold Midwife, will paint on your drum. This journey is appropriate for medicine drum partners who are ready to clarify, uplevel, and manifest their personal ecospiritual committment, service, and leadership in this urgent

Great Turning time on Earth.


 Inspired By You Wild Mythos Painted Drum

This journey begins with a 45 minute exploratory

Discovery Session by phone, for me to listen and dream into your psycho spiritual journey with Nature, and the call for you to dive more deeply into a soulful relationship with a painted Medicine Drum.


Channeling into your longing and relationship with the Wild I will paint a Wild Mythos Medicine Drum, inspired by you to call you forth to meet what is yours to meet and be transformed by in these powerful times of

The Great Turning. 


Wild Mythos Painted Drums Gallery

Wild Mythos Hand Painted Drums and Fine Art Prints

SHOP FOR A SHAMANIC DRUM OF POWER NOW!  Etsy Shop - Wild Mythos Drums!

For a CUSTOM or ORIGINAL Wild Mythos Hand Painted Medicine Drum, please explore the two links in the left side bar to discern which is the right path for you.


Announcing! Wild Mythos Limited Edition Drums reproduced on affordable Remo Frame & Buffalo Drums and Weiss Goatskin Thunder Drums! Beginning at an incredible low of just $299! 

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