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Wild Mythos Painted Medicine Drum - Threshold Midwife by Palika

 Hand painted ceremonial Sacred Drums of Power, express soul evoking, mythopoetic imagery to elicit eco awakening, psychospiritual maturity, and visionary leadership, for life affirming cultural change, and transformation of consciousness in service to Soul, and Earth in these Great Turning Times. What purpose is calling you forth in partnership with a Wild Mythos Painted Drum?


Welcome to Wild Mythos Drums!


Here we support carriers and keepers of sacred drums. Here we recognize that relationship with a shamanic drum, or a drum of power is one of great responsibility, of truth telling, of listening deeply to the Circle of Life, of service to the Greater Good. We choose to participate and reciprocate with the magnificent sentient World in partnership with our sacred drum. Take a journey, find your painted drum - deepen the conversation you are having with Mystery, Soul and the World.


Wild Mythos Drum Programs

To deepen your conversation with the World,

Deepen your conversation with your Drum.

Courting Visionary Purpose Partnership With A Drum of Power

A Three Phase Moon Journey - Birth, Courting, Give Away

This 3 part journey offering will recommence in 2022 - thanks for your patience.

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Initiatory Times on Earth

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Private Mentoring,Council  & ElderingWith Palika

 These are Great Turning Times and the Earth is longing for inspired skillful imaginative and visionary Leaders. You are compelled heart, body and mind to belong deeply and authentically to the Circle of Life. You ache with passion and courage to sing your beautiful note into the symphony of Gaia. You long to manifest your wisdom and gifts for the benefit of the Greater Good One and change this tide to a life affirming, life praising Culture. You are One ripe for Eldering and  Mentorship and the greatest quest of a human life - the Journey to Soul Initiation. Apprenticing with an Earthwise Elder is the art of diving into your personal soul sojourn and conversation with Psyche, Mystery, Soul and Wild to become an ecologically and psychospiritually mature adult human that serves the Greater Good. Eco and soul centric oriented and resourced Humans IS the medicine for these times. You sense the love, joy, fulfillment, meaning, connection and purpose that is within your grasp. Lets partner and dive into the sacred realm of Mystery to root you deeply into your sacred place.


As a Threshold Midwife in partnership with Mystery and Nature, Palika will facilitate your embrace, and navigation on the path of: Eco Awakening, Psyche/Heart/Body Wholing; Self Healing of Childhood Survival Strategies; Restoring  Deep Nature Connection and Belonging;  Courting the Soul;  Crossing the Initiatory Threshold of Eco & Soulcentric Adulthood; and finally, Serving the Circle of Life by Stepping Into Your EcoSpiritual Leadership in this Great Turning Time on Earth as an Artisan of Eco & Cultural Evolution. Email me for a free half hour discovery conversation!

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I worked for 25 years in the psychotherapy field and have been around many skilled people. But no one has displayed the perspective, depth, and unflinching knack for the soul journey, shadow work and processing of grief that Palika does.   


I dearly wanted my psycho spiritual journey to be about insight, progress, and growth. But it was also about my own resistance to growth, self-sabotage, personal discomfort, and hard-won habit change.  


Palika has a knowing understanding that helped me through the hard places; she held me through all my states of grief and childhood-related trauma recovery with tenderness, steadiness, and empathy. She was unafraid, fearless, and caring.  


She helped me understand how my childhood survival strategies got triggered. And how to accept and dialogue with that part of myself ... while, all the time, keeping the lamp lit for my Self and Soul to come forth and claim authority in my Life.


She is very comfortable with the uncomfortable. Rarely have I met a person who is willing to go to the place of shadow, disillusion, and chaos and display such curiosity and interest amongst the wreckage in the details and meaning of one's life, knowing that there in lie the jewels for the making of us.


Throughout it all, Palika was able to hold me with respect and maintained the belief that -- despite my flaws -- I was a powerful, nature-connected being destined for dignity.


If you want a mentor with shamanic depth, presence, and superb skills of tracking and empathy, she is the one. She is an invaluable ally for becoming fully human and guiding the quest for soul.


Scott Munro, MFT